BA in Cultural Praxis

BA in Cultural Praxis explores the notion of culture from radical, critical perspectives while using the ‘classroom’ as a laboratory to experiment with alternative models of transmitting knowledge. The course aims to make visible to its participants the complex ways through which culture forms and conditions our subjectivity and actions while exploring both in theory and in practice how different political, philosophical and artistic manifestations are used to generate alternatives to the dominant culture.

The course will include an introductory module Cultural Contexts which will address historical and contemporary explorations of cultural theories and practices. A striking feature of this BA programme is a series of Culture & … conversations which were tailored for the course by a number of distinguished scholars and artists. In addition to the Reading and Writing Groups, the students will produce a Dissertation as well as undertake courses entitled Cultural Praxis Experiment and Major Project.

The BA programme will take full advantage of Liverpool’s ‘vibrant cultural scene’ and run in different locations, such as art venues, community centres and social centres.

All students will be interviewed. The programme starts in October 2012.
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